Finale Was Legen….Wait For It… Dary

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Ted meets his wife Photo by USAtoday
Ted meets his wife.
Photo by USAtoday


The series finale of How I Met Your Mother just aired. The nine season reign has sadly just ended. The finale showed the gang and the rest of their lives, and let me tell you as a fan of the show for years now it was heart breaking, a real roller coaster of emotion.

Beginning with the wedding of Robin and Barney, and the introduction of Ted’s future wife was great. All the instances we had impatiently listened to of Ted mentioning the yellow umbrella, the ankle of the roommate, and the St. Patrick’s day party came together for ┬áthe one moment where Ted finally talks to her.

It follows more of their journey when Ted falls in love and becomes engaged to this woman. Although surprising Ted becoming a father was actually really adorable.

The entire season continued to prompted me asking one question. “why?”

Why did Barney and Robin have to get divorced as soon as I got comfortable with the unconventional couple, and moving on from Ted and Robin’s break up they split up? Next, when Marshall goes back to the corporate world he so hated, why? Even though he finally gets the Judgeship he always wanted.

Can we also take a moment to reflect on the fact that Barney has had relations with a million girls and it took until he was 40 to have a child. Even though it took a long time it was so worth it to see Barney as a father.

Why did they have to kill of the beautiful complicated character that was Ted’s wife. Even though we did not meet her until the last season it felt like she was the best friend who grew up down the street from me, and then she gets cancer and I couldn’t even handle it. I have to admit I felt cheated by the writers of How I Met Your Mother.

Ted reading to his sick wife Photo by People
Ted reading to his sick wife
Photo by People


The false end of the show when Ted says the famous and that’s “how I met your mother” had me thinking it was all over. Even though many of my fellow HIMYM fans hated it, I loved the ending with the blue french horn. Ahhh the blue french horn the symbol from the first season, the symbol of their love. Ending with Ted holding the blue french horn above his head, like a boom box in an 80s movie, outside Robin’s window was perfect I have to admit I lost it at that moment.

Here’s to a great nine seasons finally wrapped up.

Ted holding the blue french horn
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