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NBA Hall of Famer and TNT Inside the NBA analyst, Charles Barkley, has a history of clowning San Antonio. However, his most recent jabs toward San Antonio women triggered a different response from the city.
Fans respond to Barkley.
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During game two of the Spurs – Thunder series, fans responded to Barkley with ___ signs and t-shirts. Senior Marisa Parrilla watched Barkley bash San Antonio after game one and was happy to see the response during game two.
Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macia disses Barkley.
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“Barkley’s been talking about San Antonio for a while now and I’m tired of it,” Parrilla, 12, said. “The shirts were a good comeback.”

The past two years, Mayor Julian Castro defended San Antonio against Barkley’s negative comments about the River Walk and its women. This year, when Barkley laughed about the “big ol’ women in San Antonio”, the City Council women responded with a video.

“It was a rude comment,” Parrilla said. “There are all different kinds of people here.”

Fans bash
Fans bash Barkley.
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Sophomore Anthony Alls saw billboards around town shaming Barkley and thinks it is too much.

“I like Charles Barkley,” Alls, 10, said. “This feud has been going on for a few years now and it’s getting old. [Barkley] said he was just joking and we all know he just says stuff like that for TV ratings.”

Barkley said “hell’s gonna freeze over” before he apologizes for calling San Antonio’s women fat. Apology or not, Parrilla and Alls agree the feud needs to stop.

“The drama is old.” Parrilla said. “Maybe he’ll stop talking when the Spurs win the series and the finals. Go Spurs Go!”

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