District Distribution Shortcomings

Opening up a facility survey, the general public can vote on the dissatisfaction or satisfaction in relation to the way the District is being run until Feb. 6.

Picture from NEISD website.
Picture from NEISD website.

The money being used is unfairly handled by the district and is not being distributed fairly.

Many schools have portables-rooms where classes take place farther away from the actual building. They are usually dingy and drafty, and make some students late to class because they are so far away. The district has a plethora of money to give out and invest into things. Buildings should be top priority for schools. The environment of a learning area is very important in relation to the attention span of a student. With uncomfortable learning areas come less concentration and more disruptions during class.

Schools all over North East have temporary structures. Examples of that are accordian doors that separate a room into two and cracked wheel chair ramps. The doors are disruptive and let noise from both rooms in; creating an unfocused and distorted learning environment for all students. If more money would be given to schools that need it instead of giving it to the schools with the most domestic income in an area, schools would be better completed and have more opportunities to let kids understand what they’re doing in school.

Lastly, the technology provided in each school varies directly with the income of the community around it. The district is allowing kids to have less of a school experience just because the area surrounding the particular school doesn’t have enough money to pay for all of the equipment- which is completely unethical and cannot be changed by the community. Places where there is a higher low-income family count should be treated with the same respect as other well off areas and should now be put on the back burner while other schools progress in technological advances that inevitably enhance the positive feelings for school in kids all over the district.

Some may say that the fact that those low-income areas not having the same resources as other school areas is fine, that the problem is completely dependent on the parents and families living in that area; but that is a misconstrued thought. The financial account of that section of the city should not be hindered just because of how much every household makes. It is a District for a reason. Money can be shared and controlled throughout the domains evenly. If there is no persistence to divide funding equally, then there is no point to being a district.

Instead of taking money away from the already less invested, divide it all equally. If there isn’t enough money to be given to each school, participate in more school fundraisers and campaigns to get money to the schools. There should be no reason money would run out or cannot be used; especially since the district is such a huge district. Money should be given fairly and ethically throughout the different schools for the betterment of education and the ability to create a smarter, more intuitive generation.

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