Cheer Squad Hits Nationals

Signs were place around the courtyard and front of the school to support the cheer squads. Photo by Justin Wood


Competing in their biggest competition of the year, Mac Cheer travels to Florida in an attempt to win Nationals.The girls have been working tirelessly, during and after school, trying to perfect their technique and stunts.

“The work has been intense, and it’s been pretty hard, but we’ve got it,” senior Raven Estrada said.”We’ve been through a lot of things and had to change our routines a lot.”

With a win streak under their belt of second at state, first at regionals, and first at Cheer Star, the girls feel more than prepared for Nationals. They believe they have more elite stunts, better focus and tumbling, and new routines.

“The skill level of the girls this year is very high, we’ve never had a team like this,” senior cheer captain Bella Bolch said. “We’ve had individuals who were good at things, but it’s really hard to make a team with individuals.”

Following up from previous years, the cheer squad has realized their potential early.  Although there are other teams that could snatch up first place, the cheerleaders do not seem to be worried.

“Last year, we didn’t realize how good we were until the end of the year, but this year, since we knew we were good, we started off practicing like we were going to win,” Bolch said. “We have a full team of talented girls and when we work together it’s a powerhouse.”



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