Jalene’s Journey

Taken on Instagram by Mr. Salinas
Taken on Instagram by Mr. Salinas

Jalene Salinas, a 4 year old who recently suffered from brain cancer, passed away Sunday, March 15. The Varsity Brahmas took time to help not only her grow into a room of her own, but also worked with her brother.  The Salinas family greatly appreciated all the work the varsity girls put into helping Jalene.

Head volleyball coach Margret Mitcham, came across an organization, called Special Spaces, that the girls worked with in order to try and bring Jalene’s dreams to life.

“Special Spaces told us her dream room was going to be Frozen themed, and we all got together and started collecting money in order to build her room,” Mitcham said.

Not only did the volleyball team help, many staff members took the initiative to help collect money for this cause.

“Mr. Steve Davidson’s classes collected almost $200, in all about $1,000 was raised, that was enough for materials and still have extra money to give to the family.”

The money collected did not just go to the room. Money was also gathered so that Jalene could experience what it was like to play in snow, along with giving the family a little extra Christmas money to spend.

“After we built the room, we also collected money to send Jalene to Colorado, so she can build a snowman,” Mitcham said.

This wish was crossed off her bucket list, along with others, like being able to Face-Time with Taylor Swift. The things the volleyball team was able to do for this little girl in her last few months was nothing compared to what she did for them.

“I think she touched their hearts more then they expected her too,” Mitcham said. “It’s one thing to see pictures of her, [but] in person [she] touched them and me [more] than you can ever imagine.”

Next year the girls will be joining Special Spaces again to help out a new family and continue doing good within the community.  

Picture taken at the home of Salines family
Picture taken at the home of Salinas family
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