Moving on to State: Orchestra’s UIL Results

The results for Orchestra’s recent UIL competition were released on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Seven students were qualified to continue to state, and other students listed were recognized for their achievements in their performances.

Here are the full results:

25 State Qualifiers

Andrea Vigil, cello

Calvin Carroll, cello

Jackie Bustos, cellos

Jakob Fenton, viola

Kelli Jackson, viola

Emily Bustos, violin

Claire Rose, violin


Emily Bustos and Jackie Bustos, violin/cello

Enrique Avendano and Felicity Zorola, violins

Aimee Clayton and Daniela Martinez, violins

Jakob and Westin Fenton, violas

Kimberly Collins and Elizabeth Richardson, violin

String Quartet: Ashton Woods, Andrea Vigil, Yea-Lim Jang, and Emily Bustos

Varsity Cello Choir: Andrea Vigil, Calvin Carroll, Mercedes Whitby, AnnMarie Burns, and Seth Atanasio

First Division Solos

Yea-Lim Jang, violin

Andrea Garoutte, violin

Francisco Zarate, violin

Kimberly Collins, violin

Marissa Ramirez, violin

Ashton Woods, viola

Zhaokun Xue, violin

Daniela Martinez, violin

Grant Hernandez, violin

Britney Ericson, cello

Dean Burrows

Ian Gerlach

Mariana Casillas

Eileen Willingham

Kaitlyn Garcia

Noel Lara

Alex Navarro

Lauren Tong

Keylin Vargas

JV Cello Choir:

Julia Bent

Tommy Crowley

Britney Ericson

Austyn Eades

Persephane Alejandro

Raul Vallarta

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