The Paperless Story on How We Murder Trees

Day by day, schools tend to use up excessive amounts of paper. Most of the time it ends up back in the bottom of a trash can or for those who are a bit more considerate, a recycling bin. One sheet could mean nothing, but for a tree it’s a big deal.

Instead of assigned homework through a work sheet, we could be given the work online at home. Another way to save up paper is by using the Chromebooks more often. Also test, quizzes, warm ups could be done through the old fashion way, white boards. Not only is it saving paper but it is also a bit exciting getting to experience another form of taking a test.

“One of the reasons why we are given so much paper is because teachers hand us lots of curriculum in class everyday,” senior Jerylin Rios said. “and sometimes after school.”

Most people forget about recycling, and loads of paper end up trashed by the end of the week.

“Maybe we should plan on better ways to restore the amount used up. Instead of throwing it way we could hand it out as scratch paper for students when they use class sets.” Sophomore Keely Orsly said. “If we had the opportunity to use computers instead of paper, we’d probably save so much time because our work could be easily portable and teachers would not have to take extra time to flipping through papers and grading them.”

Lots of kids seem to be aware of the amount of paper used and are filled with great ideas on saving paper

“I don’t know why we still continue to utilize it,” Senior Lauren Rosso said. “at the end of the day it’s like 60% of the paper we use floats right into the trash.”

Coming from teachers and staff they use plenty of paper weekly, of course a school’s copy room would have excessive information as to how much is used daily to weekly.

BrahmaNews twitter poll
BrahmaNews twitter poll by: Alexa Hausauer

“We purchase paper by a case, each case contains 5,000 sheets. $25 a case and every 10 days. I order 35 cases which equals out to 175,000 sheets of paper.” key copier, Mrs.Bronson said .”A way teachers and staff try decreasing this number is by adding ink to both sides of a sheet. Smart boards also come in handy, teachers enjoy using those quite often.”

Most believe we do use a sufficient amount here at schools. If schools started to rethink how much is used and decided to stop using so much paper, we’d be using note books.

“It seems like it’s going to be paper all around,” Mrs.Bronson said. “we would have to supply students with school bought notebooks or they would have to purchase their own.”

Many say the best and most efficient way to save paper, is the writing font, it should be sized down so we wouldn’t have big lettered gaps. Especially when taking math test

“Teachers always give us test with so much free space that isn’t being used up,” Junior Valeria Garza said. “I don’t see why we haven’t thought of decreasing the font.”

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