Blair Witch Project: Not so scary?

The movie the Blair Witch takes place in Black Hills Forest, where a young man’s sister goes missing as him and a few of his friends search for her. The movie gives more detail of the Blair Witch story; in 1785, several children in the township of blair accused an irish-born woman of witchcraft named Elly Kedward, she was then convicted and sent into the woods during winter, they say she died from exposure. In the spring, they went to search for her and found no trace of her body. In 1786 half of the town’s’ children vanished, those children were her accusers. The town fled as soon as the news broke due to the fear of the curse and swore on their lives to never say the name Elly Kedward again.

A horror film that was released earlier this month and kicks viewers into the Halloween spirit.  By

A couple things in Blair Witch don’t really seem original. The movie The Forest has a similar plot and feel where a young woman’s twin sister goes into the Suicide Forest. The story line could have possibly been written better so, the viewer cannot see the connections between the Blair Witch and The Forest. Also like all the other scary movies coming out these days, things don’t really speed up until the end.  Also a lot of the beginning is just a bunch of young adults drinking and testing cameras. The film has suspense but its not the scariest movie out there, like most of the horror movies now a days there is a jump scare or two throughout the film while the film itself is cheesy. 

The film in general contains a good story of the Blair Witch, as actors tell tales they’ve heard from others. The beginning really gives a great background story of the sister who disappeared. The brother is shown to have real dedication for finding his sister. At one point a girl is cursed and speeds the movie up a little bit, but not much. The suspense throughout the film makes up for it though, making the viewer not want to look away. Although the camera work isn’t the best you can still see exactly what is going on during their camping trip (or search) and feel like you’re there with them and are experiencing all of the events with the actors. Overall the movie was a six out of ten crazy locals. 

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