Albums Of 2024 That May Feel Like Coming Home

by | Salma Cano

Staff Reporter


A new year means new music. There are quite a few albums that fandoms of specific artists are looking forward to including Jennifer Lopez, Bleachers, and Usher.


As his first solo album in seven years, Usher is releasing a record on February 11, called Coming Home. He’s released the already successful single, “Good Good” with 21 Savage and Summer Walker, which people are expecting he’ll perform at this year’s Super Bowl along with some of his past years’ hits. Usher has also released the single “Risk It all”, another collaboration, this time with H.E.R, and the tracks “Standing Next to You”. He’s also doing a remix with “Jung Kook”, and the song “Boyfriend” so far. 


Soon after, on February 16, Jennifer Lopez is planning to return with a sequel to her This Is Me… Then, album alongside a short film that is meant to display Lopez’s self-healing journey regarding her love life. Some of these upcoming tracks for this album include references to her past relationship with Ben Affleck such as “Dear Ben Pt. II” appearing to be a continuation of “Dear Ben” from her last album.


Heading more into the spring on March 8, the band Bleachers, are releasing a self-titled album. With the singles “Alma Mater”, a downbeat collab with Lana Del Rey, and “Modern Girls”, are already being released. Although the band has already released three albums, it seems they are aiming to reintroduce themselves and be seen in a new light, trying to achieve a pure 80’s pop-rock sound. 


In total, we can see that there is a lot of music coming from big artists who know how to deliver. Whether they live up to their potential, will have to wait a few more weeks, but there is a great amount of what is likely excellent music to come.

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