Happy 139th Birthday Douglas MacArthur!

Douglas MacArthur  was a well known American General during World War II. He grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He lived to the age of 84, and died of primary biliary cirrhosis. He was married and has a son Arthur MacArthur IV who is still alive at the age of 80.

Every year, the Student Council hands out cake in honor of our school’s namesake. Here’s a few little known fact about our 5 star General:

MacArthur’s famous quotes above the walkway. photo by Megan Buentello.

-General MacArthur was known for smoking a pipe made out of corn cob.

-Both MacArthur and his dad, Arthur MacArthur were given the Medal of Honor.

-President Truman appointed MacArthur supreme commander of the Allied Powers of Japan.

-President Truman relieved him of his duties in 1951, due to trying to make limitations of America involvement in the war against China.

-A trophy in his honor is awarded annually to college football top teams.

-General MacArthur is one of nine people to get the five star ranking before it was retired in 1981.

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