Black History Month: Shaun King

After many rallies, public speakings, and hosting sermons at local church’s, Civil Rights Activist Shaun King is planning on opening up an old newspaper from the mid 1800’s  to 1851 called ‘The North Star.’

The North Star was created by a man by the name of Frederick Douglass who escaped slavery in Maryland. He became the leader of the abolitionist movement in New York and Massachusetts. Douglass wrote in the newspaper how he wanted to end slavery and get rights like the ones we have to this day.

Shaun King and his friend Ben Dixon plan on opening the newspaper again sometime this week. Both King and Dixon want to talk about the main topics of what is happening in our society right now. For instance issues of voting rights and mass incarceration, which is when a large group of people get arrested for their crimes and end up going to prison.

He wants people to have the information they need in order to take a stand on these issues.

The North Star newspaper back in the 1800s
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