Mac Ball Or Small Ball?

As sports resume under different circumstances, it looks like varsity basketball is set for the Brahmas. The only thing is it’ll be under a new system. In years past returning head coach Mark Murphy had what most called a “balanced” out team, having players filled at each position. That won’t be the case for this year’s team which seems to be going in a different direction.


Coach Murphy looks to embrace a system utilized to perfection by the Houston Rockets called “small ball”, meaning they’ll consist of guards and forwards at the 5 positions. So for the casual fan asking “what’s small ball?”, let me explain. With “small ball” we subtract the center meaning a downgrade in size. An average basketball team consists of 5 positions including the point guard, shooting guard, small/power forward and center. 


So how does a downgrade in size help. Well it’s fairly simple. When taking away the center you add another guard into the line up increasing the speed and tempo making it a faster pace offense. What does that mean, well when looking at the Houston Rockets blueprint it means more SHOOTING. An increase in the 3 ball, and what can be isolated one on ones which can create open looks. 


Even with the lack of size this team won’t let it affect them. What may be a potential “Big 3” consisting of Leander Thompson (Sen. PG) Caleb Gaston (Jun. C) and Nathan Snyder (Sen. SG) and what can be a fully loaded bench, it’s too early to rule this team out when they have so much potential. The only question is, can they adapt to “small ball”?


The Brahmas are currently 3-2 coming off a 52-41 win against Marshall HS. With the team still averaging 60 points a game, they look for another win tomorrow when they take on Warren High School at Littleton Gym.

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