Junior class election results

On Nov. 19 the results from the 2021-2022 junior class elections were released through email after a slight delay on the announcement because the race for president became a three-way tie between three of the candidates.

“I was a little scared when we all got the announcement about the tie,” junior class president-elect Mia Rojas said. “But it was good to know that I was still in the race. It felt even better when I looked at my phone and saw that I won.”

One of Rojas’s first actions as president is to get money.  

“One of the things I want to push for is more fundraising for student events,” Rojas said. “My overall goal as president is to make sure our faculty and students have the best opportunities.”  


President – Mia Rojas

Vice President – Ariana Gonzales

Secretary – Julia Reyes

Treasurer – Ruben Rueda

Parliamentarian – Delaine DeHoyos

Reporter-Historian – Bejia Stephenson


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