Courtyard Reopened

Because of the noise disruption during lunches of the previous year, administrators decided to start the school year with an unfavorable announcement: the courtyard will be closed during lunches. But the students complained, and on Monday, Aug. 22, the courtyard was reopened with the condition that this privilege will be taken away if the rules are not followed. 

Students are once again allowed to hang out in the courtyard during lunch periods as long as noise levels are kept to a minimum. 


“I think it’s better for the weather,” senior Daija Simpson said. “The sun’s out, and there’s shade, and there’s benches to sit down on instead of just standing around.”

The main concern for administration is the disruption of the classes on the first floor. In years past, students have spent their lunch throwing around balls that hit windows and walking in and out of the building making. This year, students are not allowed to have balls and the doors are locked. 


“So far it’s gone fairly well,” assistant principal Andrew Clewett said. “The students didn’t participate in any games other than tag or chase. Hopefully, they can all stay in the shade if they all follow the rules.”

Students haven’t complained about the new rules and are pleased to have the courtyard available again. 

“I think it is better because we’re not all stuck in the cafeteria,” senior Natalia Ramirez said. “We get to do more out here. It’s nice that we get to walk, sit, and hang out.” 

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