Softball Swinging Into Another Season

by | Salma Cano

Staff Reporter 


After the immense success softball had last year, the team is taking the time to strategize and prepare for the upcoming season, in order to do just as well, if not better than they have already.


“This year compared to last year, we returned a lot of players, but they are very young. When I say young, I don’t mean young in grade, I mean in their mind,” head softball coach Anthony Alfaro said. “I mean we don’t have the veterans on our team we had before in the last year, so we’re having to do a lot of figuring out and trying to get that to all work together as a team.”


With many younger players being promoted to varsity, the team chemistry is having to be rebuilt. The few older players on the team are having to take big roles in leading the team, to continue the process of teaching the younger players for their future years on varsity, once they start to play a bigger part.


“We had a scrimmage last night, and you could see the deer in headlights,” Alfaro said. “I have six returning starters, the four starters that we had, that were all seniors, were big leaders, so that’s where we’re running into issues, but I’m not worried. I think we’re fine.”


Despite these setbacks and obstacles that the softball team is having to overcome, some may say that they are still going strong and doing well in preparation for the upcoming season.


“We’ll be fine once we start playing for real, and by that time they have it figured out, and we have our older girls here to lead, that will help us,” Alfaro said.

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