Snap, Crackle, Pop: Intercom Noises Fixed

Story By Juan Garcia | Photos By Chloe Medina

For the past month pledges have been cut short, announcements have had to be sent through e-mail, and both students and teachers have been distracted by the noises coming from the intercom system.

Sophomore Chandler Barrow opens the school day with the moment of silence and the pledges. The announcements were given clear and no crackling noises were present.

“You cannot concentrate,” counseling clerk Sandra Avalos said. “It’s too loud and too noisy to focus on the students and parents.”

The mysterious noises were assumed to come from the addition of the three new buildings. The distance the signal is required  to travel is too long, and, consequently, the intercom announcements have been strained to make unusual noises. The front office was focused on fixing the problem.

“We’ve tried everything,” administrative assistant Brynda Pack said. “We have new parts, new software, and even updated the software.”

The intercom system seems to be fixed, but the time loss due to the noises cannot be returned.

“It was a distraction,” senior Joy Arimendez said. “Everybody’s attention was drawn to the noise.”

Teachers and students have learned that they have taken the clear signal during the moment of silence, pledges, and announcements for granted.

“I realized after the static that having a clear signal was wonderful,” english teacher Carolyn Landess said. “Static free announcements are worth their weight in gold.”

Everybody is hoping that is the last they hear of the intercom noises.

“I’m hoping that its fixed now,” Pack said. “I’m cautiously optimistic.”

However, under any emergency circumstances, teachers are advised to press their call button. And if the noise is unbearable somebody will come in person.

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  1. First off, I really like this piece.
    I am a writer for The Pride so, I wasn’t aware of this current issue at Madison. It automatically drew me in and I was interested in what had to be said about the intercom problems. This is the kind of news I like to read about: the stories about the impact of an ongoing, unusual problem within a school. It’s very informative and serves as a resource for the update on the interom’s status.
    I thought that this story really deserved positive feedback because it’s not everyday that you see a well written story up for a highschool newspaper. This was creative and unique which is also a struggle seeing that alot of school’s have similar stories on their pages. It’s refreshing to see this material and it was a job well done.

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