Marching towards a bright future

Reported by Zoe Riddles

   Our Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program, or JROTC for short, has recently renovated their building. The building began its construction in June of 2018 and was completed thirteen months later. Even though the building is brand new, JROTC’s goals are still the same.

In JROTC, there is no obligation to join the military, and it mainly focuses on citizenship skills. However, this program is also beneficial to those who are interested in joining the military after high school. These students will depart with the necessary knowledge for the field they wish to enter. They’ll understand the basics and obtain many excellent skills.

  Some of the ways that students prepare for the actual military in JROTC include learning the rank structures, task positions, and exercise disciplinary skills. They also get uniforms for specific events, and the US Army sponsors the uniforms.

The air rifle range will give JROTC students an opportunity to sharpen their shooting skills.

Many students have voiced their most enjoyable aspects of JROTC.

“My favorite thing about JROTC would have to be the drill team,” Student Edgar Castillo quipped. There are eight different teams within the course. None of the teams are mandatory, though, and students have control over which on which side to participate.

In these individual teams, students practice marches and movements for ceremonies or even basic stationary routines. With all the skill training JROTC has to offer, it is truly a unique class on campus. If this intrigued you, maybe you should give the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program a try next year!

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