Madison’s Best Recognized

Reported by Larissa Bates

Since it was founded in 1921, The National Honor Society has been universally recognized for its exceptional high school student members. These students excel in leadership, service, character, and scholarship. NHS students go to great lengths to help serve their community and peers. These students are leaders and examples to their peers.
NHS is open to any Junior or Senior; there is not a teacher recommendation requirement. During the fall of your junior or senior year you can go and pick up and an application to join. These applications include spaces to fill out service and leadership opportunities you have completed relating to the four pillars of NHS which include: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. A requirement to enter NHS includes all grades be 90 or above. After applying, a council of five-teacher review council decides who will be chosen as news members of the Madison NHS.
After being accepted NHS students must keep their membership by keeping their grades up, showing up to scheduled meetings, and having good conduct. Students must also complete and record ten service hours per semester.
Leadership positions are decided in May. Officers that are elected serve as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Select members are chosen by their peers and these candidates must exhibit exemplary community service.
Last evening, 95 new NHS members joined the current 37 members in a special ceremony attended by family, faculty, and friends.

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