13th Floor Haunted House Attracts Many

Sarah Smith
TBS Contributing Writer

There is a new haunted house for people to enjoy this Halloween in San Antonio. The 13th Floor Haunted House, a brand new attraction, is welcoming anyone interested in a good scare. The new haunted house is located at 1203 E. Commerce St. in San Antonio, TX 78205, across from Sunset Station.</
The haunted house is a result of the following legend. In the early 1940s, the building that has become the 13th Floor Haunted House was only a hotel for traveling passengers going to and from the Sunset Station on Commerce Street in downtown San Antonio.
One known legend states that a group of students came to the station on route to their destination south of San Antonio.
Their bus driver decided it would be best if the weather turned bad that they would stop to stay for the night. The next day, the rain turned to a drizzle, and the driver decided now would be a good time to go. Just south of town, a school bus was stalled on railroad tracks.
The engineer tugged the train whistle frantically trying to catch the attention of the driver. The train was unable to stop in time then the ten children lost their lives as a result of a collision.
Many buildings omit the 13th Floor and don’t add the number on elevators. The reason may not be from this, but there is another reason – the no. 13 is a very unlucky number for most people.

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