Riders Progress in Playoffs After Close Win Against Brandeis

By Nichelle Harris | Assignments Editor |

On February 19, the boys basketball team entered their first playoff game against Brandeis, which resulted in a heated match to see who would move on to the next playoff round. Once the game tipped off, the overwhelming desire to win this match took over the court as the boys began their match.

The bench reacts to a plus one foul call in the second quarter.

During the first quarter Senior Sean Moore scored the first two points for the team, and from that point the ‘Velt boys were set on keeping their small lead. As the the first quarter came to an end the boys had raked up 17 points while the Brandies boys had 16.

In the second quarter, both teams increased the intensity in their playing with Brandies shooting precise three pointers, which was causing a stir within the crowd.

“We came into the game knowing the shooting advantages Brandeis had over us but as a team and family we were determined not to let the situation overwhelm us,” Coach Manny Flores said.

Seeing this the Roosevelt boys resorted to keeping the defensive plays strong, which made the opposing team lose their focus during the match due to the pressure placed on them. The situation became a nail biter once the the Broncos narrowed the Rough Riders’ lead to a score of 55-52.

Sean Moor moves the ball past the Brandeis defender.

Not letting this discourage them, the Riders stuck to their plan. As the fourth quarter progressed, the crowd’s energy and excitement took over the entire Blossom Athletic Center as the people cheered for their team to take the win in this game. The win for Roosevelt was a close one with the score of 61-54, but the boys are still moving on to the next round.

“The support from the crowd was great,” senior Christian Ogbe said. “I was really happy to see so many people to come support us and I hope they will keep supporting us until the end.”

On Friday February 22 the boys will be going against the Steele Varsity Boys Basketball team at Veterans Memorial at 7 p.m.