Marvelous Medicine: School gets new Medical Club

By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor |

Mr. Melenyzer introduces himself to his club members. This had been their second official meeting this year. Photo by Zak Rodriguez.

The medical field has a broad choice of careers for one’s future such as being a pediatrician, a doctor, or a nurse. Getting help with choosing the right job without spending massive amounts of money in college is hard to find yet not impossible. But now students have the Medical Club.

Freshman Caroline Bronder pitched the idea for the club at the beginning of the school year and was given the chance to pursue her dream of creating a club dedicated towards medical science.

“I’ve been wanting to get this started in the first semester this year but there was no teacher willing to sponsor the club until I got recommended Mr. Melenyzer by another one of my teachers,” said Bronder, the club secretary. “Although we are here to gather information about medical science, the long term goal for this club is to revive HOSA and build up a strong family throughout the years to compete and have success in competition.”

HOSA, or Health Occupation Students of America, was an organized club where students were able to use their knowledge of science and compete against others schools for competition and scholarships.

“Since HOSA isn’t a club here anymore, our founder Caroline Bronder,wanted to have a club where people who are interested in the medical field can be given information for the basics of medical science,” said President Yaharia Ruiz. “We want to have a place for medical students or students interested in the medical field to feel like they have a community to belong in and share similar interests.”

Medical club Secretary Caroline Bronder (left) and President (right) Yahaira Ruiz have a conversation on how to help their members out. Photo by Zak Rodriguez.

Obtaining information is one of their main goals for the future of the club members. “We want them to get a hands on feel in the medical field and help them find out what they might want to do in the future,” said Vice President Trish Nguyen. 

To have a successful club with valuable information, they needed a sponsor with the credentials to correctly teach them.

“I graduated Medical School in 2011, and I did cartships in hospitals in England for a year and Chicago for a year as well,” said sponsor CharlesMelenyzer. “This is my first year at Roosevelt and I teach Anatomy and Physiology, Pre-AP Chemistry, and IPC.”

Mr. Melenyzer has a group meeting with the club about the future meeting next week. Photo by Zak Rodriguez.

Teaching medical science can be tough because there is so much to cover, but Melenyzer is prepared and is determined to give as much information as possible to his club members.

“We plan on teaching people how to do CPR, basic signs in medicine, and the beginnings of paramedic information. I also want to teach them how to get into medical programs and help their future out,” said Melenyzer.

Medical Club has meetings every Thursday from 4:15 to 5:15 in room AS211.

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