Break the monotony of quarantine with a Pixar classic

By Breana Bellinger | Staff Writer

When it comes to entertainment, watching movies are a good way to pass the time. I would highly recommend a Pixar movie like Ratatouille if you want something to take your mind off the quarantine and to improve your day.

Ratatouille is about a rat named Remy who wants to become a chef, despite his father’s warnings of staying out of kitchens and away from humans. He moves to Paris to achieve his dreams and encounters a restaurant named Gusteau’s, which was once ranked 5 stars. He meets a man named Alfredo Linguini, who is good at taking out garbage, but terrible at cooking.  He uses him to test out his culinary skills in the kitchen while trying to stay hidden from the chefs at the same time. A food critic named Anton Ego returns to Gusteau’s after a very long time and gives Linguini a test to impress him by cooking and serving one of the dishes from the menu and it’s up to him, Remy, and Remy’s colony to fulfill his test.

It’s good for people because not only does it have funny moments, but it can be useful to learn about cuisines from different cultures or the culture itself for just in case they are willing to travel after the pandemic ends.

You can buy Ratatouille on Amazon or you can stream on Disney+ to watch it.