New Venue for Red, White, and Blue?

Roosevelt High School hosted its annual Red, White and Blue Parade on Aug. 16 for the new 23-24 school year. This has been an ongoing tradition for Rough Riders as the community comes together to support students and their organizations. The event is traditionally held on the Rough Rider Football Field, but due to the sweltering summer heat, it was moved indoors to the TR Gymnasium.

The event drew a large crowd as in previous years, and the events’ “Meet the Riders” is very successful. Students and teachers from TR and their feeder schools showed off their spirit as they walked through the Rough Rider tunnel on the gym floor. The audience cheered for every group announced. TR students are encouraged to participate in school activities and  events, and RWB also allows students to see what organizations TR offers.

As for the move indoors, the reactions were mixed. TR Athletic Coordinator & head football coach Matthew Carroll stated “It’s hotter than it has been in years past, so if this is something we could still coordinate then I’m okay with it.” “I just thought whatever was best for our kids,” Carroll said.

TR parent Valorie Lopez offered her own feedback. “It was too crowded; too many people crammed into one spot,” Lopez said. “I just felt like a lot of people didn’t get a spot to sit down when they could.”

But considering the space given in the Gymnasium, the community was adapting to this change. Roosevelt Dance and Drill Team coach Allison Redding provided additional thoughts regarding the limited seating and would still change a thing or two. “I think that we could’ve had a lot more people there if we would’ve had a spot for them to sit,” Redding said. “I would’ve built the Gym differently to where it had more seating.” 

But how did the students feel about the venue change? “Walking out felt pretty fun; I like to represent who I am,” senior and Varsity Soccer player David Gonzalez said. “I like being able to be in multiple organizations and just represent every part of me.” Says Gonzalez. With many students representing what they are a part of, the community around TR comes together.

Despite the heat, the 2023 RWB was one for the books. But what’s in store for next year? “I feel like depending on the weather, it may happen again,” Redding said. “I prefer it outside; I think it’s nice out there, [and] we can have more people watch.”

TR is well known for its school pride, and RWB showcases that pride. “It definitely gets our name “Roosevelt” out,” Gonzalez said. “We all have some life and love for the community in us.” Even with a simple change in location the passion for these students doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Roosevelt High School will continue to hold their annual Red, White and Blue event. Students and teachers will continue to show their passion and support for this community. TR will continue to showcase what they are known for, and how Rough Riders are the light of the Roosevelt cluster community.