Take Care of Your Mind

By Marcos Perales | Big Stick Editor | I remember talking to my friends in person back in March 2020. “This will blow over soon,” a couple of us said. We thought the coronavirus was just a hiccup or a little complication; it wouldn’t affect our everyday lives. Now here we are trapped in our own worlds and minds still […]

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Superman and Lois Goes Up Up And Away

By Marcos Perales  | Big Stick Editor | It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s “Superman and Lois!” Another story of the most classic, and possibly the most well known superhero, is being told through the TV screen. Superman and his wife Lois Lane are together once again, each living with their reporter jobs at the Daily Planet which […]

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Sophomore Helps To Mask Roosevelt

Helping out the Roosevelt community and other local schools, DATA sophomore Pedro Cordova has taken part in the work along with community volunteer Vickie Caceres, who leads a group of volunteers who are making and distributing masks where they are needed in schools.  “I wanted to volunteer because (due to COVID) I knew I was going to have a lot […]

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