by Travis Haese

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San Antonio has become the fourth city in the state to pass a law prohibiting texting and driving. Warnings will be given for the first three months of the law being in effect, with fines up to $200 after that. The law was passed largely due to the number of wrecks that are caused by drivers who divert their attention from the road to their phones.

“I have texted and driven before, but I didn’t know that it has become illegal until now,” junior Taylor Colbath said. “I would usually send simple, shortened texts while on the road.”

This new law may not completely eliminate texting while driving, but it will have an effect.

“I do not think that people will never text on the road again,” Colbath said. “But if they happen to see a police officer next to them, then they will most likely think twice before picking their phone up.”

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  1. Monique Ressel

    This law is completely logical, it has been enforced in certain places already and even a short, half a second glance at your phone can kill or injure you or others. Its just not worth it.


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