Miss A offers cheap choices for those on a budget

by Mia Lopez | staff writer

To compare Miss A to any other store I would say Miss A looks as if Aerie and Sephora were selling Five and Below makeup products. Not to say that these products are bad or anything, but it is all under one brand “AOA studio.  It’s in pretty small printing on the package to make it seem like many brands are being sold at this store. Miss A does have a large variety including, but not limited to makeup and it’s all one dollar!

They have a ton of makeup ranging from base makeup to your extravagant eyeshadow colors for those fun looks. There was notably a lot more lip gloss than anything. They had rows and rows of it. There were your general clear glosses but there were some lip plumpers and even ones that had fun colors like neon green pink orange and even blue. Another thing they had a lot of was makeup brushes. There is a separate stand for brushes specifically. The brushes were displayed in little clear plastic cups and were neatly organized from your small eye shadow brushes to your bigger powdered blush brushes. 

In terms of hair products there wasn’t a whole lot. They had scrunchies and hair ties. Fun little clips to put in your hair. But one that they did have a lot of was hair masks which again had its own little display. It was organized in the same way as the brushes so there isn’t much

of a difference other than the item they were carrying. Some of the hair masks that they carry can be seen at Walmart or Target so I would say they are legit.

The miscellaneous items they have go with the theme of “beauty supplies” but are still a bit weird in terms of quality and placement. They have keychains, socks, sunglasses, bath bombs and press on nails. All of which seem fun and cool especially since it is all a dollar. The quality of it matches the dollar pricing. The keychains are all bendable plastic, the press on nails are all messed up in the box and the sunglasses look like something from Claire’s. 

Overall if you want to go to Miss A, go for the makeup or the hair supplies. The other stuff isn’t even good to want to spend a dollar on. I can’t say how good the makeup is, but I can definitely say that the variety is large and you most certainly can find something that fits your style at Miss A. 

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