Signing off my year as Co Editor-In-Chief

by Chloe Jordan | Editor-In-Chief

Senior and Editor-In-Chief Chloe Jordan smiles in her blue letterman with journalism patches and a white dressIf you work in A128 with me, you know I always space in between lines, instead of using tabs. I only use Times New Roman, 12 point front. I get aggravated when Katie says Coke when she really means Dr. Pepper. I LOVE UIL and compete in every contest known to humanity. I write longgg features. I always type out paragraphs when Mrs. Jewett asks for ideas. I’m reserved, until you get me on a topic I really care about. I exclusively transcribe by typing it out myself. I say I probably will give up on an article and then proceed to do it immediately anyway. And, I’m leaving a significant part of my heart back in the classroom (and vending machines that got me through the day until 6th period lunch senior year.) 

From Journalism I to My Jag News to Jag TV this year, I have learned so much. For instance, I’ve learned about how much Mrs. Jewett adores queso, how much Katie pats my head, and how much Brian likes his whole ‘Larry’ skit. For real though, I couldn’t have made better friendships or grown as a person without A128. I’ve learned to work on a tight deadline, produce and show off work I’m really proud of, and stay in a productive workflow for something significant to my future. I’ve learned to type great emails and come up with a long list of strong questions. Finally, I’ve learned the value of teamwork and finding people who really care.

There are some things I never fully learned. I’m still not great at taking photographs or making sure the shot looks just right. The Ms. Veliz interview is proof of my lack of eye for lighting and knowledge of how to stabilize a tripod. But, these are times I laughed and learned. That’s equally as important as the stuff I’m great at.

This year had a learning curve with being new to advanced Jag TV work, while writing for newspaper. Off campus assignments had a grip on my soul. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every moment of it, and am grateful to all the friends I have made along the way. Through all the exhaustion, pain, and frustration at bad interviews, it was worth it.

If you’re taking newspaper next year, remember to check off all the steps in WordPress, always correctly attribute quotes, and remember the AP Stylebook is your friend. Participate in UIL, and try all the events. Get your stuff done on time, and always email as far in advance as possible. Stay on Mrs. Jewett’s good side, and you will not fail. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Most importantly, have fun and really enjoy what you do! 

To Mrs. Jewett, thank you for creating an immersive learning environment and showing us real-world media. Thank you for being funny and always letting us in on the tea. Thank you for teaching me journalism-based skills and preparing me for adulthood. Thank you for the disturbing Gremlins jokes. Thank you for housing, clothing, and feeding me. You are the realest.

To our 2022-2023 class, as an Editor-In-Chief, I couldn’t have asked for a more fun group of people. Thank you for cooperating with me and Katie and creating our kind of art in the best way you know how. Maddy – I know you’re going to lead the class to success and uphold our program to high standards (and lead the UIL team to victory!.) I love y’all so much!

I will be attending Southwestern University for the class of 2027, as a Communications major. I will continue my work in newspaper, leadership, and communicating as a whole. Y’all can catch me in Georgetown Square or on campus studying outside. Stay in touch and always ask for help or advice if you need it! I will be smiling approximately two hours away every time I see a new My Jag News article posted. 🙂

When I graduate, I will not only be moving out of one home, but two. A128, I’ll miss you. I’ll miss the slow computers and problematic technology. I’ll miss those who did all the work and those who stole the bathroom pass to leave (don’t think we didn’t notice). I’ll miss the welcoming environment and supportive community we have built. Thank you for all the laughs, tears, gossip, and love. From COVID struggles to running a six people class, it has been nothing short of a wild and fun ride.

Signing off, this is Chloe Jordan from My Jag News and Jag TV. 


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