by Melissa Smith | Staff Writer

This upcoming Friday, April 29, the Johnson girls Varsity softball team will be battling their way through their first playoff game against Wagner at Steele at 6 pm. Last year, they failed to win the first round in playoffs, which unfortunately ended their season. This year, they are determined to advance further.

“We’re excited to kick some Wagner butt,” sophomore starting pitcher Melanie Roe said. “Last year we lost in the first round. This year we have a lot of seniors, so we have a better chance. Most of our seniors are our starters.”

They have come up against the opposing team before and are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.

“[We’re] definitely [going to win]; we have a good team and have played Wagner before and beat them and know their pitcher,” senior Jorden Smith said.

The team continues to practice with more urgency and effort than ever before.

“This week has been the hardest practice; we have been practicing game-like situations in practice,” Smith said.

The team is undaunted and sure that they are going to make it to the second round.

“I’m really confident; we were undefeated in districts so hopefully that will carry off into playoffs,” Roe said. “We’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into this season so hopefully it will pay off when it counts.”

Whatever the outcome, they have a lot to be proud of.

“Our team has grown so much and we have played together and have gotten a lot closer. We’re a family,” Smith said.

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