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For many sophomores, summer is the ideal time to prep for the SAT. In addition to study books, there are courses, both online and live, that students can take to increase their performance on the test.

“There are a lot of things that aren’t said in the book that need to be known. Different teachers have different information to give. It depends on your learning style as well,” junior Bria Woods said.

Tutoring is a valuable tool, but preparing for the SAT also requires motivation.

“I think the best element of preparation is just acceptance that this is the bridge that one has to cross to get from high school to college. Diligence and learning are the strategies that need to be applied when taking this exam,” Woods said.

Below are test prep options students might consider:

Princeton Review

Stone Oak (15314 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio)


Monday-Thursday 6-10 PM


These review sessions must be completed in person. On Monday-Thursday, teachers are there to help you focus and prepare.

Receive $200 OFF SAT Ultimate courses if you enroll by May 18th.

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SAT Ultimate: NAM200OFFSAT


SAT On Demand


Kaplan’s online testing allows you to pace yourself and take two proctored tests.

Complete SAT Prep


Classroom: anywhere. Get expert instruction online. Now, you don’t have to worry about making time to benefit from Kaplan’s review sessions. There are four proctored tests and an additional four tests to ensure success.

College Board

This site offers many ways to get prepared. You can sign up to get emailed the SAT question of the day, answer sample questions, and take a practice test online. The bonus? It’s all free.

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