by Frank Rohrig| staff writer

After three years of making it around the state with their Crossmen trailer, the band is looking forward to their newest addition – a customized 18 wheeler.

“It’s a 54 foot trailer. It has three access doors, and it has two decks,” band director Jarrett Lipman said.

The truck came as a generous donation from a trucking company, while the band parents had to pay for the decals through fundraisers and other various activities.

“[The trailer] is a really big deal for the entire city actually, because it is the first vinal wrapped trailer in this area,” senior brass captain Spencer Rau said. “I think the only school that has followed us, or is soon to follow us, is Churchill.”

The football game against Jay was the first time that other schools saw the band trailer

“I think that [other schools] will be surprised, because we’ve always had the crossman trailer,”  junior flute player Sydney Barbach said.

The new trailer gives the band a boost of confidence and energy.

“I’m really excited, actually, excited isn’t even a good word. It’s more like I’m ecstatic,” Rau said.


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