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The new year brings new opportunities, especially for the JHS winterguard. Beginning in late January, the 2012 competition season will begin. The team has made an impressive name for themselves already-winning third in state in 2008 and second in 2009. Winterguard performs in a number of competitions, amping up the team’s practice schedule.

Winterguard prepares for their upcoming World Championship.

“We worked hard during football season, but now we are practicing for longer hours and more days,” senior Jaclyn Jordan said.

Aside from the daily 45 minute class period, winterguard has practice for three hours twice a week, as well as Saturdays. However, all of the hard work pays off as shown from last year’s success.

“We’ll get a lot better,”  sophomore Brianna Berkholtz said.

Winte guard is currently ranked ninth worldwide- a tremendous accomplishment since the number of other competitors is in the hundreds. The 2012 World Championship is an international three day competition that will be held in Ohio, a perfect way to wrap up the competition season.

“We are expected to perform even better than last year, and eventually even make world class,” sophomore Elijah Falcon said.

Although the program is only four years old, this has not seemed to be a disadvantage for winterguard, the number of achievements is just as high, or close to as high, as the schools that have been competing for many more years.

“I’m excited and looking forward to everything,” Jordan said. “It’s my senior year, so this is my last chance to really make a mark.”



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