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Johnson has quite the variety of clubs. The clubs range from being based in academics to being based around fun and helping the community. One of the latest clubs to join the extensive list is the Scrapbook Club.

Tuesdays at 8 the Scrapbooking Club is looking for those who are interested in learning and sharing their ideas.

“The scrapbook club is a bunch of students who are interested in learning how to scrapbook and organize photos. They are actually working on one right now for one of the coaches,” math teacher and scrapbook club sponsor, Heather Padalecki, said.

Members of the club gather for meetings and openly welcome newcomers.

“A group of kids in third period saw that the scrapbooking flex class was only open to juniors and seniors; third period is all sophomores. They asked if they could start a club because they couldn’t join the flex class. I sponsored it because I really like to scrapbook and I have a lot of materials at home,” Padalecki said.

Scrapbook Club has regular meetings and members come together to work on various projects.

“We have meetings every Tuesday morning at 8. It’s a lot of fun. I get to hang out with my friends and work on scrapbooking with them,” sophomore John Donaghue said.

If you have an interest in scrapbooking and doing it with friends, then the Scrapbook Club just might be for you.

“There’s a little over 20 members in the club. I enjoy the Scrapbook Club and there is no other club I would rather sponsor,” Padalecki said.

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