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Students who purchase lunch at the cafeteria now have two new options –  the BYOL (Build Your Own Lunch) and Primo lines.

BYOL provides customizable meal options with different choices depending on the day of the week. The Primo line features premium “on-the-go” hot entrees like breaded chicken sandwiches and personal-sized pizzas. Both lines cost $3.00 for students and $3.75 for adults and guests.

“I would go as far as to say I love it, and I’m gonna be coming back every time it’s open, which is all the time,” senior Riley Duncan said.

The BYOL has more choices for students seeking healthier options or something different. The line is also customizable for students to pick and choose based on their preferences or diet.

 “They need a change; the students get tired of eating the same thing over and over, they need more variety and they need to have more healthy choices,” lunch manager Sylivia Bermea said.

Although so far there has been little feedback from students, the cafeteria staff has other ways for determining how well the line is doing.

“The only feedback we rely upon is if the kids come to eat and they have,” Bermea said. “The only one is the salad bar on Tuesdays, we only have 60 to 70 students come through the line.”

A few of the most popular meals include the build your own Asian bowl and the build your own pasta. Each meal allows students to pick their protein and has toppings unique to that dish.

“My favorite dish has to be that new Asian bowl. It’s the best thing there, I love the eggrolls,” senior Gavin Alexander said.

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