New year, new fitness options

by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer

For students looking to save some cash and still wanting to meet their New Year’s resolution of staying fit, here are some places that offer discounts or give free sessions to students!

  1. Orangetheory fitness. For the trendsetters, Orangetheory Fitness is the “new place to go”.  A cute trendy cycling place located right down the street from Johnson High School in Sonterra Village. It offers a free session for any student interested. If you decide you want to attend another class, the price will be determined by the number of classes you would want to do: 4,8 or unlimited.

  1. Gold’s Gym: For the binge watchers who need to get out of the house, Gold’s Gym is a very welcoming environment. It even has a room where you can walk on the treadmill while watching a movie. #stillwinning They offer a discount for full-time students.

  1. Lifetime Fitness: For the preps, this is a very modern gym that includes a cafe as well as many other amenities! For students, it offers a $10 discount off the orginal price, so it will come out to be $79.00 a month. You  can also get an additional 50% off during their flash sale right now. As a member you will have access to any type of classes the gym offers (swim classes, AMP cycle, pilates, yoga, e.t.c.).

  1. YMCA: For those with a huge family, this is the place to go. They have areas for the entire family, including day care centers for the little ones.  Although this gym does not offer a discount they do have a super low cost for full-time students at $39. Free yoga classes are included in the cost.

  1. Anytime Fitness: For those  who can’t decide what time of day to go do the gym, Anytime Fitness is open at any time (get it). They also have a lower discounted cost for full time students. The gym gives a 10% discount on the original membership fee which ranges from $29.95- 49.94.

  1. Loka Yoga:  For those, who are  yoga masters and absolutely love it, Loka Yoga is the place.  Although it is on the higher end, Loka Yoga is offering %50 off all classes now. You do have to call and book a spot for one of the yoga classes.

  1. Planet Fitness : For those who think their gym bag might gather some dust in it, Planet Fitness is an affordable option,where you can sign up for just a dollar with no commitment fee for two months. After the two months are up you will pay a monthly fee of $10. Unless you would like to upgrade to black card which is $30 a month. The black card includes: massages, tanning, haircuts, 20% gym merch and food, and you are allowed to use this membership at any location.

  1. Yoga Fit: For those who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and just need some time to relax… sign yourself up for a free session at Yoga Fit NOW! It is located right across from Sonic and is super close to Johnson. The studio classes will range from $450-510 for the starting level.

  1. Cyclebar: For those needing to get their steps in for the day, Cyclebar is the place for you. In just one session you could get your whole day count in. Cyclebar offers free first ride for any students. The studio offers to packages the Rockstar or the Rising Star depending on the amount of rides and which package you want the price cna range from $20- $340.

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Alexis McCutchan is a senior this year and a third year writer. She is the editor-in-chief.

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