Library cafe to open in fall

The doors open. Along with a rush of cool air comes the stench of espresso and a quiet, concentrated atmosphere-great for studying and energizing you for the rest of your day. This may raise thoughts of Starbucks or similar coffee shops, however it will soon be a reality in the school library.

Powell twins take on unique hobby

From playing sports in the backyard together to having family game nights, parents have different ways of connecting to their kids. For seniors Hannah and Blake Powell however, that bonding time comes partly in the form of their dad teaching them to fly a plane.

Mehlbrech says farewell to the seven-year students

Elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college. Three transitions that mark changes in a student’s expected maturity, responsibility and workload. Some students in the senior class of 2014 and principal John Mehlbrech have had the unique experience of sharing this entire journey.
Boots and Bling

StuCo uses dance to plan future events

Between their promotion of healthy foods and anti-bullying campaign, the club has been an active part of the community during the 2013-2014 school year. So why was the StuCo planned freshman and sophomore ‘Boots and Bling’ dance such a flop?

Juniors find unique jobs

When high schoolers think of getting jobs, they generally consider entry level positions in restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, or other related businesses. However, juniors Chad Chapman and Max Morgen have both found jobs which are uncommon for their age.

Student selected for journalism conference

I could not breathe. Sitting in fifth period on May first of this year, I honestly feared for my life for a moment. As I struggled to catch my breath, I worked equally as hard to comprehend the decision that the email open on my phone had communicated. They picked me.