Get Served-Varsity Volleyball

Varsity Volleyball excited about their win. Photo taken by Meredith Collier
The sound of a volleyball pounding against the eager and prepared arms of the players is the only noise that occupies the gym. The crowd stares with jaws agape, following the balls with their eyes as grunts of frustration escape from the opposing team, signaling the crowd to cheer. Another point to the Brahmas.
Oct. 19 the varsity volleyball team conquered Madison opening a spot for them at the playoffs, and soon the ecstatic team left to play on Oct. 29 with an air of enthusiasm and confidence.
“Everyone was doubting us, saying we were a young team and that we weren’t going to make it that far, “ player Claire Schaper(11) said. “It was a good accomplishment.”
Despite passing the expectation of many, the team lost to New Braunfels, ending their playoff season.
“New Braunfels is a great team,” Schaper said, “They’re ranked third in the state for a reason.”

However New Braunfels skill wasn’t the only reason MacArthur lost. There were many other harmful aspects that held the team back, such as lack of experience because there were various underclassmen on the team, and deficient energy on the court.
“I think we played to the best of our ability and New Braunfels came out stronger,” Schaper said.
Regardless of some players alleged outcomes for the season others believed that if there weren’t calamities holding them back they might have progressed.
“I think we really could have won that game if we had more communication,” Natasha Harper(10) said. “We’ve played a team full of really good seniors before and beat them.”
The girls give each other encouragement as the next play begins. Photo by Meredith Collier
Although most of the complications listed are physical there were some vital emotional obstacles at the beginning of the season that could have proved catastrophic if the team didn’t fix them by bonding and growing stronger together.
“At the beginning it felt like we all didn’t get along and then as we were practicing more and more we started getting that family vibe,” Harper said.
However unfortunately and regrettably the team have put up their uniforms and said goodbye to their teammates and coaches until next year.
“I would like to thank my coach for giving me the opportunity to play besides such amazing girls,” player Lauren Corrola(10) said.


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