My name is Sarah Morgan, and I'm in the 8th grade. I write stories and play the cello in Honors orchestra. I plan on going to NESA for Instrumental Music and Creative Writng, and work in the Driscoll Announcements. I love Whataburger and the color black. Also I like death and bunnies.X!

Tomorrow, Saturday 9, the Driscoll MathCounts team will be heading to St. Mary’s University for the MathCounts Competition. The MathCounts team consists of Adrian Berumen, Jeff Unser, Rachel Juneu-Zimmerman, and Team Captain Sarah Morgan. They will be in both individual and team competitions, and listen to a guest speaker after competing. Then the top ten matheletes will go in the last knockout round to be the overall winner!
Good Luck!!!

Yesterday, the 8th graders from Honors Orchestra, Honors Choir, Honors Band, and Theatre Arts  students visited Madison high school. They are had the opportunity to watch Madison’s theater arts perform the famous tale of Beauty and the Beast. The play was based off the Disney version, and incorporated singing, acting, and dancing.

This Friday, the orchestra, band, and choir will be visting elementary schools for recruits. Wetmore and Redland will have the fun experience of watching these musicians perform and learning about their future elective choices. First, will be Wetmore in the morning, then the students will come back to Driscoll for one class period. Then they will have lunch at Rolling Oaks Mall and shop, and lastly visit Redland. Orchestra, band and choir are planning on playing fun music and having a great time.

Have fun!

This Saturday, orchestra musicians from most all middle schools will be visiting Driscoll for 2013’s Solo and Ensemble contest. From violins to the double bass, students have been practicing classical pieces on their own or with a friend in hopes to get a gold medal. Getting a good score is honorable and fun for the orchestra students, and good for resumes. A 1 is the best score, 2 is second, 3 is third, and 4 is last. Those who memorize their piece and do an exemplary performance get an Outstanding award. Good luck Driscoll!

Last Friday, Driscoll’s orchestra, band, and choir performed exceptionally well at the AT&T Center for the San Antonio Rampage hockey game.

First was the orchestra, who performed Firework by Katy Perry, Clocks by Coldplay, the Final Countdown, and the Pink Panther as the center opened.

Next was our choir, who performed the Star Spangled Banner.

Lastly, the band performed fun tunes during the game in their Superbox. All together, they had a fun time appearing on the big screen, cheering at the game, and having the privilege to perform for the Rampage.
Rampage won against Lake Erie Monsters 4-2.
Good Job Everyone!!!

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