The Life of an 8th Grader

     In every middle school we have your different stereotypes . We have the Jocks , Preps , Nerds , and the Chill kids . I myself fall under the Chill kids at our school . When you are in 8th grade you are “ Top Dog “ . You get the new building and the new jerseys in athletics . Eighth grade is always the year that you have the best time in middle school . Yeah , you have your drama , but if your a girl you always just make up and be best friends again . Now let’s break down your typical 8th Grade school day .

    I have never met a kid that’s morning person . Like honestly who likes to wake up at 6 in the morning for school? I think that we can all relate to hitting that snooze button at least once every morning. Since we already have a dress code, it is just easier to throw on a shirt and just walk out the door . Usually I am running out the door trying to catch the bus , but others take car , or walk . If you are in athletics you have to but your gym bag away in the morning . Which also means you have to wait for the lady coaches to open the locker room at 8 . Some kids get a little impatient waiting and just knock on the door . But please take my advice , don’t ever do that because they will just wait longer. Then the first period bell rings , and then you are off to your first class. Then you learn new things and always have homework . Then after your first five periods it is lunch

    Ahhh lunch . The best class break ever . who doesn’t like a break from school for food ? You get to eat and chat with your friends. At our table we are always making plans to meet up , or say crazy jokes and nonsense. I like lunch time because it is a break in the middle of the day . It gives you somewhat of a relaxation until your next class.  After lunch most Eighth graders have the athletics class in 8th period . We always do athletics at the end of the day just to finish off . Honestly everyone kind of loves athletics and hates it . We work out and push ourselves , but our coaches are very strict in that class . They help us build our character and stay on top of our grades . In girls athletics , if you have a grade lower than an 80 then you have to have an alternative work out . I am a great kid and all , but even missing one paper really brings down your grade , so I had to feel the wrath of an alternative workout. But overall , athletics is a great choice and I am so glad I joined . We have our 3 sports seasons that are always a blast with games and all .

    Now we come to the end of the day , the last bell has just rung and every kid in class is rummaging their way through the hallways to get to their gym locker or their school locker. The most kids get in their parents car or take the bus and drive off home from a long day of school .



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