Yearbook to offer online media

The scannable icon on the face of this year's Yearbook shows itself for all to scan

by Kelsey Eidson | Staff Writer

Johnson’s yearbook has always been filled with a plethora of pictures, but this year, the yearbook staff has a few tricks up their sleeve. The staff has added online forms of media to complement the book.

“ScanLife is a program that’s downloadable to your smartphone,” junior Caitlin Young said. “It allows you to access more pictures and videos, along with popular music throughout the year.”

To access this free application, apply for an iTunes account, search for ScanLife, and then download.

“Once you have the app on your phone, you can use it like taking a picture,” Young said. “You just have to find the code that’s in the yearbook and scan it through on your phone.”

Your phone will open up a YouTube page, where you have the ability to view even more photos than those that are already in the book itself.

“If you don’t have a smartphone, that’s okay too. You can always get the link and visit it on a computer.”

This innovative approach will enhance the yearbook.

“If you want to have more of your high school memories, ScanLife provides that for you,” Young said. “It captures more than just an old ordinary yearbook.”

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