Lit Mag Takes A Funny Turn

by Madeline Kempf  |  Staff Writer

Once more, the creative writing class will be publishing its semi-annual literary magazine. For their latest edition, the writers and artists have incorporated humor into their work.

“This year’s theme is Funny Bones; it’s anything humorous. We’re trying to make most of it humorous but there are a couple of serious pieces in there,” senior Joe Daleiden said. “Lit Mag is works of art, whether it be writing or photographs or actual art done by students at Johnson, that we’re compiling together into a book.”

In the past years, the class has printed a magazine each semester; this year, the group has packed a year’s worth of material into a single edition.

“We were intending to put out one book each semester; didn’t work out so well. We’re doing a double issue. It’s the second semester and it’s taken almost the entire year,”Daleiden said.

The publication should be released during the last week of May. For $10, students will receive the magazine which features the humor and brighter side of high school.

“The best part of Lit Mag is seeing the best of what Johnson offers. People should get it because their friends’ art is in it and it’s hilarious,” Daleiden said.

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