Select courses no longer available for upcoming year

By Natalie Allen | Staff Writer

To students’ disappointment, some courses are no longer available at Johnson.

“If not enough students sign up for a course, what we call it is, they don’t make; there is not enough interest to justify having a class. Another reason is that we don’t have enough people on faculty to teach that class. Closing a class is another story. We close a class because it is receiving too much interest or there aren’t enough class periods and teachers to support that amount of students in a class,” counselor Shar Huffman said.

There are a few classes that have been cut and others that have been closed for the upcoming school year.

“The classes that are closed, as in full, are: Art I, Web Mastering, and Video Tech. The ones that did not make, or didn’t have enough interest, are: Literature of the Bible, Dollars and Sense, Research and Design, Retail and Entailing, Principles of Business Marketing and Finance, Digital Interactive Media, Concepts of Engineering and Design, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Advertising and Sales Promotion, and Mandarin Chinese,” Huffman said.

These changes do not necessarily apply to future classes. Courses may be able to return, depending on student interest.

“They could be opened in future years if they receive more interest, but for now the classes are closed to incoming freshman and in some cases to next year’s sophomores. The cut courses also have a chance to resurface as well.”

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