Administration reviews rules in place for Homecoming

Staff Writer|Ali Valdez

Homecoming is a night full of food, music, and dancing. But, along with all of this fun comes some standard guidelines. Basic rules are to be followed before, after, and during this night to remember.

“Basically treat it as a normal school function. Just because it’s on a Saturday night doesn’t mean that the same rules don’t apply,” assistant principal Steve Zimmerman said.

The rules concerning alcohol are similar to as if a student were to bring vodka to his or her second period history class.

“Consequences would be the same, you’re looking at alternative school. They could be arrested based on how old they are,” Zimmerman said.

Dress code is different for the both the boys and girls.

“There is a guideline given as far as ladies’ dresses. They don’t want to have something low-cut or very short. It has still got to be appropriate and nice for the event. Gentlemen have to wear a tie and things like that,” Zimmerman said. “The only difference is the dress code will be a little bit different. Obviously you are not going to wear jeans or anything.”

Bringing a date from a different school is a short and simple process.

“The student needs to fill out a form to bring their date from another school and we will just call their parents to verify that it’s okay,” assistant principal Elaine Mays said.

Despite these rules and regulations, the dance plans to be a great night.

“Homecoming is going to be great, because modest is hottest,” junior Kelsey Eidson said.


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