PSAT dropping on campus next week

by Lauren Towart| Staff Writer

PSAT testing is required for all tenth and eleventh graders and is set for Oct. 12.

Students get ready for the SAT by taking the practice version, it also provides scholarship opportunities.

The testing is to determine future SAT scores and is considered to be beneficial for students striving to be receive the best possible SAT score. The testing provides the chance for all eleventh grade students to qualify for college scholarships and recognition.

A PSAT practice booklet has been distributed to both sophomore and junior level English classes. The book has previously used SAT questions, as well as the same format.

“The PSAT booklet has helped me a lot because now I know what to work on and what to expect,” sophomore Aisha Counts says.

There are sixteen thousand semifinalists nation wide, and 45 of are our own Johnson students. Semifinalists are the highest-scoring entrants. NMSC will notify them through their schools and provide scholarship application materials explaining requirements to advance in the competition for National Merit Scholarships to be offered in 2013.

Among the 45 being recognized,  senior Rachel Cheong is one of them. “I’m happy. I’m glad there are some perks to being a nerd.”


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