Administration cracks down on sophomores’ parking permits

by Daisy Creager | staff writer

Sophomores this year are facing this sad, sad truth: the inability to receive a parking permit. The school population growth has not only increased theft and crowding in the hallways, but had repercussions for the parking lot as well.

“There’s just not enough space. The school has gotten so big now; we have almost 2700 students,” said AP Jody Noblett. “[The rules] are up to the school. Like when I was at Reagan, they had more parking so we actually had a sophomore lot. We just don’t have the room here. There aren’t enough parking spaces.”

Seniors who apply for a parking permit automatically get one, while juniors are put on a waiting list.

“Most juniors who apply will get a spot,” said Noblett. “I look at how involved the student is on campus. If they’re involved in something that requires them to be here before    and/or after school, they’d get a spot before someone who’s not involved in anything and doesn’t necessarily have to stay before or after school.”

Some students think sophomores in sports should be considered for permits.

“I feel like it would help lighten up the load on the buses. People could get here earlier for sports. It would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to be waiting on my parents every morning,” said sophomore Reagan Buell.

Others think the rule is fine the way it is.

“There’s overpopulation,” said sophomore Christine Walker. “There might be overcrowding, and people might be fighting for spaces.”


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