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So far its been a volleyball season to be proud of for the Johnson Jaguars. The girls volleyball team has had a very successful season and the team always seem to pull out the win. Now thanks to hard work and long practices, the Jaguars have remained undefeated in district and have officially been named District 26-5A Champions. This means the Jags will receive the number-one seed in the Region IV playoffs, which sets them up for an easier schedule heading in. With only two games left in the season and a guaranteed number one spot, the Jags will be training hard to go far into the playoffs.

“It’s a real uplifting feeling knowing that all the hours we put in have paid off,” junior Riley Caskey said.

The Jags aren’t done yet however. There are still two games in the season, and neither are guaranteed wins. The Jags will play Reagan who took Johnson to five sets and won the first two in their previous meeting, forcing the Jags to fight back to win. Lee has a respectable team and nothing to lose.

“The games aren’t going to be easy. Especially Reagan, they’re a really good team,” junior Morgan Parker said.

Even though the season isn’t done, it’s never too early to start preparations for playoffs.

“There’s definitely going to be some really hard practices to make sure we’re ready” Parker said.

Playoffs will place our Jags up against some of the best teams in the state, meaning play will have to be even better than it has been.

“Playoffs should start by the end of the month, so we really have to work hard,” Caskey said.

The Jags have gone without a loss this season, and the team wants to make Johnson proud with their performance in the playoffs.

“We’re glad we had a good season, but we feel our best is yet to come,” Caskey said.


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