A hearty V-day show with Mayday Parade

By Kaitlin Brandt | Staff Writer

February 14th, Valentines Day, normally consists of chocolates, roses and time spent with a significant other. However, I spent my day downtown at the White Rabbit with Mayday Parade, We The Kings, The Downtown Fiction and Anarbor on the “End of The World Tour”. After waiting in line for about 3 hours, the doors finally opened. Right away the venue filled with a huge crowd of people. Fans began pushing and shoving, making their way up to the front row.

Anarbor, an alternative rock band, kicked off the night with an incredible performance featuring lights synced perfectly to each song played. They were followed by The Downtown Fiction whose lead singer, was literally the most animated person I’ve ever seen. As a band, they really seemed to get along well with each other. I don’t usually listen to The Downtown Fiction, but after last night I definitely took notice. We The Kings was the first headliner of the tour. They have a way of connecting with the audience. Travis Clark, lead singer, often reaches out to his fans and will casually chat with them about anything and everything.

Mayday Parade,the second headliner, put on an amazing show as always. Of all the times I’ve seen Mayday never once have I left disappointed. What makes Mayday Parade different from all the other bands on this tour is their unique way of putting so much emotion and energy into each song played. Their set list was constructed nicely, featuring upbeat songs that flowed into a more calm, mellow mood for their more personal works. I enjoyed every minute of their performance, along with the other bands who attended.


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