Bazinga brings comics to Stone Oak area

By Felicia DeInnocentiis | Staff Writer

In mainstream pop culture, comic book collecting has been shrugged off as superfluous and outdated, but senior Alec Blount would disagree. Sifting through the seemingly endless stacks and boxes of comics, Blount basks in the the nostalgic wonder of this lost, novel pastime.

“The art style and the storylines are very unique and well done,” Blount said. “I like Batman. I grew up on it as a kid, so it kind of stuck.”

For underground fans such as Blount, local comic book stores are practically extinct. The only option for buyers-typically

A new comic book shop in San Antonio, Bazinga! Comics, brings excitement to local superhero fans.

limited-would be Half-Priced Books or Barnes and Noble. But to the elation of collectors in the Stone Oak and TPC Parkway area, a traditional comic shop, aptly named Bazinga! Comics, is now open for business.

“They have a really good selection of everything. They actually have a lot of graphic novels, too, for people who are into manga,” Blount said.

Located on the corner of highway 281and Evans, this store is a privately owned endeavor run by a husband and wife. Compared to the mass of organized comics at Half Priced Books, their selection is more varied and specialized.

“My brother was able to find the very first Punisher, the original 1986 version, not the revamp- unopened and everything,” an enthusiastic Blount said.

The store’s opening has since welcomed sporadic customers visits as the word of its existence spreads. In order to bring in a strong wave of new customers, Bazinga! Comics will be hosting a buy-one-get-one comic event on May 1.

“The first of May, they’re going to have “Free Comic Book” Day, so go in and get one free, with every purchase,” Blount said.


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