A star in the making: sophomore makes first music video

Darius Davila | Staff Writer

Johnson sophomore Christopher Jones has expressed his creativity and talent to the world by filming his first ever music video. Jones is currently in a two man band with his older brother.

Christopher Jones practicing on one of the seven instruments he knows how to play.

“My brother and I have a band, but we don’t have a name yet so we’re untitled for now but we have an EP coming out in January and all the songs are original songs,” Jones said.

The Johnson sophomore plays a total of seven instruments which he uses in his band.

“I play seven instruments the drums, or any kind of percussion, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, I sing, and I play the piano and Violin,” Jones said, “Me and my brother both cowrite the songs and we both sing them, but he is also the audio engineer.”

Jones grew up around music and began performing as a musician at a young age.

“My brother and I were both home schooled and in our middle school years we traveled with a family and played music all over the country. Our family writes and produces Christian music so we play for conventions and conferences,” Jones said.

Chris describes how it is sometimes difficult to continue making music with his older brother.

“We do the majority of our music in our home studio but now my brother lives in Austin, because he’s a student at UT so he has a separate studio in his dorm. Musically our main focus is to get the EP out but it’s hard with school and studies, and he lives about an hour away,” Jones said.

The opportunity of filming a music video came at random for the Jones brothers, who don’t even have an official band page yet or a band name.

“Basically what happened was there’s a guy who used to go to our church and he wanted to do a career in film, and he called my brother and told him he needed a video for his portfolio, so he said he would come shoot a music video for us for free,” Jones said.

This first time music video filming was a learning experience for the brothers.

“We learned a lot from the shooting like angles and stuff, and it only took us about thirty takes to get everything. We asked two people to come play with us for the video, a vocalist and a keyboard player her name is Sheila Gonzalez and she actually used to go here,” Jones said.

Chris Jones’s music video is coming soon and will be available on Youtube and Itunes.

“The setting of the music video is in my house but we also have some cool shots of my backyard and stuff. We don’t have an exact release date of the music video but it’s being edited right now, but it will be available on Itunes when we finish the EP and it will be available on Youtube when the editing is complete,” Jones said.

Jones gives some advise for fellow musicians who have ambitions and dreams of making it big some day.

“It takes a lot of practice and dedication, if your trying to just make music and put it out there you really don’t need much. Like you can just record music on your phone nowadays. I’m fifteen now but i’ve been playing music since I was four so you just have to stick with it. The quality of your music depends on how much money you put into it for equipment and how much time you practice,” Jones said.


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