Jags frequent 281 hotspots after taking the field

Students frequent both Whataburger and Taco Cabana on the weekends after the game.  photo by Logan Hickman

Eduardo Calderon|News Editor

After a performance following a football game, junior Nick Tilson and his fellow bandmates typically find a place to “hang out” on a Friday night to unwind. Most band students find refuge at Taco Cabana.

“[We go] to just hang out, decompress, talk about how we did, how it felt while we were playing,” Tilson said.

On a friday night, anybody looking for a Taco Cabana taco may have to wait from the number of band students already there.

“The majority of band students go, [I’m guessing] half at least, it gets packed,” Tilson said.

Even though band students attend the same restaurant each week, nobody feels the need to change.

“I like the atmosphere there, it’s kinda cheap, but the food is good,” Tilson said, “It feels good, and you sit there for like two hours.”

Another local favorite is Whataburger, where most athletes and fans in the bleachers attend, although Whataburger has a big crowd, many band students remain loyal to Taco Cabana.

“We went to Whataburger a couple times, but we didn’t feel it,” Tilson said.

Some band students don’t enjoy the crowds that fill Whataburger after football games.

“Way too many people go to Whataburger, a lot of the football players go there,” senior and band member Lauren Chaloupka.

Although band students won’t turn their backs on Taco Cabana many other Jaguars enjoy Whataburger for the way it can fill an empty stomach.

“We all go to Whataburger because Whataburger is delicious,” junior Vanessa Ruiz said. “Whataburger has big portions.”

Some Jaguars know first hand how chaotic a friday night at Whataburger can be.

“It’s really crazy, it’s the chill hangout spot, but it’s not fun for me since I have to stay in uniform,” junior and Whataburger employee Jack Robles said.

Many Jaguars go to Whataburger just for the reputation.

“[We] go to Whataburger because it’s just the hangout place, the hot spot,” senior Alyssa Clark said, “I wait till 11 for the honey butter chicken biscuit.”

Many Whataburger fans love the honey butter chicken biscuit, but Taco Cabana has it’s own all time favorites with their customers.

“[I always] get quesidillas, but the tacos, tortillas, and chips and queso [are good],” Chaloupka said, “Everything is good.”

Although most students go to Whataburger, it was never organzied to be that way.

“They just know to go [there], it’s a good location because everyone lives around Evans,” Clark said.

Even though Taco Cabana and Whataburger have their own group of customers between Jaguars, they both serve anyone who walks through their doors.

“They serve us late, it’s good food, and it’s cheap,” Chaloupka said.


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