NHS Goodwill donation drive

Johnson HS NHS will be hosting a Goodwill Donation Drive to raise money for the school. Bring donations to the front parking lot of the school on Saturday, April 6 from 8 am to 2 pm. For every truckload the school earns $1000.

Accepted Items:

Antiques, Automobiles, Bed spreads and blankets, books, clothing, cookware, curtains, dishes, framed pictures, furniture, games and toys, housewares, jewelry, lamps, office supplies, radios, stereos, shoes, small appliances, sporting goods, televisions, wheel toys.

Unacceptable Items:

Auto parts, motors and tires, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, bricks, stones, concrete, broken, soiled or torn furniture, cabinets, car seats, infant cribs, playpens or any type of baby furniture, carpet or carpet paddings, guns and ammunition, hot water heaters, large appliances, mattresses and box springs, paint and chemicals, scrap lumber.

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